Turkey Visa for Afghan & Bangladesh Citizens: Your Essential Guide

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Turkey offers visa services to Afghan citizens and Bangladesh citizens. This article will provide detailed information on the visa application process, requirements, and important documents needed for travel to Turkey.

Turkey Visa for Afghan Citizens, Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens: Afghan citizens and Bangladesh citizens can apply for a Turkey visa by following the official application process. The visa application can be submitted online or through the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate.

The required documents for the visa application include a passport with a minimum validity of six months, a completed visa application form, recent passport-sized photographs, proof of travel insurance, proof of accommodation in Turkey, and a return flight ticket. Additional documents may be required depending on the purpose of travel, such as an invitation letter, proof of employment or financial status. It is important to note that meeting all the requirements does not guarantee the issuance of the visa, and the final decision rests with the Turkish authorities.

Visa Requirements For Afghan Citizens

Applying for a Turkey visa as an Afghan citizen is a straightforward process. To start, you will need to submit the following documents: Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens

  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation in Turkey
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Bank statements or other financial proof
  • Invitation letter (if applicable)

Once you have gathered the necessary documents, you can proceed with the application process. It is recommended to apply for the Turkey visa online through the official e-Visa website. The process is simple and can be completed within a few minutes. You will need to provide your personal information, travel details, and upload the supporting documents. After paying the visa fee, your application will be processed, and you will receive the e-Visa via email. It’s important to double-check all the information entered before submitting the application to avoid any delays or rejections.

Visa Requirements For Bangladesh Citizens

For Bangladesh citizens planning to visit Turkey, there are certain visa requirements to fulfill. Eligibility criteria for the Turkey visa for Bangladesh citizens include having a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and a return ticket. Additionally, travelers need to show proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay in Turkey.

The application procedure involves filling out the online visa application form, submitting the required documents, and paying the visa fee. Once the application is submitted, it goes through the processing phase. If the visa is approved, the applicant receives the e-visa via email, which needs to be printed and carried along when traveling to Turkey. It’s essential to adhere to all the visa requirements and follow the application process diligently for a hassle-free travel experience. “`

Types Of Visas Available

Afghan citizens can obtain a Turkey visa by applying through the Turkish embassy or online. Similarly, Bangladesh citizens can also apply for a Turkey visa through the embassy or the electronic visa system. The process involves filling out an application form and providing supporting documents for the respective visa type.

Turkish visas are available for Afghan and Bangladesh citizens, catering to various purposes of travel. To visit Turkey for tourism, Afghan and Bangladesh citizens can apply for a Tourist Visa. This visa allows individuals to explore the beauty of Turkey, immerse in its culture, and experience its history. Additionally, for business-related purposes such as attending meetings, conferences, or negotiating contracts, a Business Visa is required. This visa permits individuals to engage in commercial activities within Turkey. Lastly, for those seeking educational opportunities, such as studying at a Turkish university, a Student Visa is necessary. This visa enables individuals to pursue their academic aspirations in Turkey. Each visa has specific requirements and documentations that need to be fulfilled for the successful completion of the application process. It is important to carefully go through the guidelines set by the Turkish authorities to ensure a smooth and hassle-free visa application experience.

Application Fees And Processing Times

Cost of Visa: The Turkey visa application fee for citizens of Afghanistan is approximately $60, whereas for citizens of Bangladesh, it is around $80. The visa processing time for Afghan citizens is typically 2 weeks, while for Bangladeshi citizens, it takes around 4 weeks.

Important Tips For A Successful Application

For a successful visa application, fill out the form accurately and make sure to book your biometrics appointment on time. Be thorough in providing all necessary information to avoid delays or rejections. Double-check your details before submitting to avoid any mistakes. Prepare all required documents in advance to streamline the process.

Common Reasons For Visa Rejection

Visa rejections for Turkey may occur due to insufficient supporting documents, lack of financial stability, or incomplete application forms. Afghan and Bangladeshi citizens applying for Turkey visas should ensure they meet all requirements to avoid rejection and secure their travel plans.

Common Reasons for Visa Rejection
1. Insufficient funds can lead to visa rejection.
2. Incomplete documentation may result in visa denial.

Conclusion And Additional Resources

Final Thoughts: Obtaining a Turkey visa for Afghan citizens or Bangladesh citizens is a straightforward process that requires careful attention to the application requirements and submission procedures. It is important to initiate the process well in advance of your planned travel date to allow ample time for processing and avoid unnecessary stress. By providing all the necessary documents, including a valid passport, completed application form, and proof of accommodation and travel arrangements, applicants can significantly increase their chances of a successful visa application. Additionally, it is advisable to consult the official websites of the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country for the most up-to-date information and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Visa Requirements For Afghan Citizens Traveling To Turkey?

Afghan citizens traveling to Turkey must apply for a visa through the e-Visa system before their trip. They will need a valid passport and must provide personal information and travel details.

How Can Afghan Citizens Apply For A Turkish Visa?

Afghan citizens can apply for a Turkish visa online through the e-Visa system. They need to fill out the application form, provide the required documents, and pay the visa fee to complete the process.

Are There Any Specific Restrictions For Afghan Citizens Obtaining A Turkish Visa?

Afghan citizens may face specific restrictions when applying for a Turkish visa, such as additional documentation or interviews. It’s essential to check the current requirements and guidelines before starting the application process.

What Documents Are Required For Bangladeshi Citizens To Obtain A Turkish Visa?

Bangladeshi citizens need a valid passport, a recent photograph, and a completed visa application form. They may also be required to show proof of travel arrangements, accommodation, and financial means.


To make your travel experience to Turkey hassle-free, understanding the visa requirements is crucial. For Afghan citizens, obtaining a Turkey visa involves a specific process, while similar arrangements apply to Bangladesh citizens. By following the outlined procedures and fulfilling the necessary documentation, you can be on your way to exploring the rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes of Turkey.

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